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Do The Obvious to Live The Dream

“Thank you again for all your advice and guidance. I’m using your direction to change my direction. I just want to tell you that Bill Walsh is one of the most inspirational speakers and trainers. His insight is invaluable if you are a business person, an investor, or an entrepreneur. There are so many good ideas and concepts in the book, so many insights, it’s literally priceless. I’ve known Bill for 3 years and have gained millions of dollars worth of ideas, opportunities and contacts. So get his book today!”

Brian Tracy, author of Million Dollar Habits, and The Traits of Champions

Table of Contents

Part I: Do The Obvious to Live The Dream
Chapter 1: What is the Obvious?
Chapter 2: The Obvious is Universal

Part II: The Obvious Universal Laws for Business Success
Chapter 3: The Obvious Law of Focus
Chapter 4: The Obvious Law of Planning
Chapter 5: The Obvious Law of Resource Management
Chapter 6: The Obvious Law of Innovation & Change
Chapter 7: The Obvious Law of Communication
Chapter 8: The Obvious Law of Accountability
Chapter 9: The Obvious Law of Productivity & Work Quality
Chapter 10: The Obvious Law of Personal Character & Belief
Chapter 11: The Obvious Law of Team Power
Chapter 12: The Obvious Law of Negotiating
Chapter 13: The Obvious Law of Mentorship & Practice
Chapter 14: The Obvious Law of Service
Chapter 15: Live The Dream
Chapter 16: Powerteam International
Chapter 17: Take Action Now

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